Some paintings



These paintings were for the Cobb Residency exhibition in April 2013. Some are still for sale. Contact me here if you are interested:


Waingaro Peak sm

Waingaro Peak

Pihoihoi sm



Mount Peel sm

Mount Peel

Ngahere Tawhai sm

Ngahere Tawhai

Fenella blades sm

Fenella blades

sylvester glade sm

Sylvester Glade



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  1. Dirk Bolt says:

    Dear Robert
    I have written a book named ‘Of Towns and Countries’, which starts with a tale about a young sailor who travels with Abel Tasman. To illustrate, I would like to use part of one of your wholly admirable images from the website (showing the crow’s nest), and I’d be grateful to have your permission. I’d be happy to send you a signed copy of the book via my daughter Inge, who lives in Haast to help look after the heritage site there.
    I now live in Scotland but if ever I get the chance to get back to NZ I would certainly like to meet. In the meantime, my very best wishes

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