Eternity and Consciousness

about 1965 aged about 14  I gave the big questions a lot of thought, as  young teens do: ‘life’, ‘the universe’ and all that, heavenly father and mother earth, how could we be the only ones to think in words…. ? Fifty years on I haven’t much to add. Another name could be:


looking at stars


in the beginning there was light

and in the darkness burst

and scattered stars across the bright

uncluttered universe


abundant stars in still solemnity

in broken clusters spread distant and clear

were set in perfect place perfectly free

and glistened coldly on the silent sheer

unbroken face of dark eternity


where mild Terra’s sphere

clean-cutting chaos keenly as a knife

endlessly ran

the span

of endless night

and spun

a soaring shining wheel of light

around the sun

and nourished life


when in the womb warmth of the wild sea

life leapt

and living

struggled to be free

was this merely a greater thing

the other less

or brought bright earth

the very birth

of consciousness ?


that formless certainty

that holds the stars in place

that set the suns against the canopy of space

that built the earth

the mountains and the sea

shatters like glass

if such a thing can be