May I have the pleasure of this dance?



you advance

asking me to join the dance

golden garment, gleaming eye

‘never know until you try

now’s your moment, take your chance

for the pleasure of the dance’


dance of sisters, dance of brothers

dance of fathers, dance of mothers

dance of moon and dance of sun

all must dance before its done


Katerina, with a glance

summon us to join the dance

asking questions, testing answers

be the one to free the dancers

some defeating, some advancing

some retreating from the dancing


dance of trying hard to hide

dance of power, dance of pride

dance of anger, dance of pain

dance of sunlight, dance of rain

dance revealing, dance reviling

dance appealing, dance beguiling

dance befriending, dance upholding

dance unending, dance enfolding

dance repairing, dance enhancing

dance for daring, dance for dancing


Katerina, in that art

lead the dance and dance apart

like a parent, like a priest

like the foremost and the least

know our fears and see our choices

flow our tears and free our voices

like a mountain, like a tree

like a fountain, like a sea

like a falcon, like a lance

like the dancers

like the dance