Tasman Interactive

From this page you can access some of the Abel Tasman interactive developed by Robert Jenkin in Flash MX for Golden Bay Museum in 2010 and 2012:

Picture One

Discovery Game

A Diorama

18th December 1642

19th December 1642

Visit the Golden Bay Museum in Takaka to see the whole display.

Funding for completion of the interactive was provided by Tasman District Council in 2012, and Robert also gratefully acknowledges the following for their help:


Flash MX advisors:

Jay Johnson; Kiki Falconer; Daryl Zuniga

Maori instruments:

Richard Nunns, Bob Bickerton

Maori Voices:

Ra Summers, Kasey Benge, Jonathan Martin


Willa Visker, Carlos Schenker


2012 Golden Bay High School Rugby Team

Golden Bay Museum; Ab Hoving; Cor Emke; Ron Aaron;
Roger Morris; Prospero Productions; The Netherlands National
Archive online; Gerco Hiddink and Maaike van den Heuvel;

Cast – The Grey Company:
Russell Miners as Abel Tasman
Donald Tannock as Francois Visscher
Fred Harvey as Gerrit van Leiden
Garth Robins as Isaac Gilsemans
Michael Bell as Yde Holman
Peter Edwards as Henrick Pieterz.



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  1. Brett Laughton says:

    Hi Robert,

    I have recently purchased a ketch named after Able Tasmans ship Heemskerck, spelling is a bit different but I guess the intent was good. I was wondering if you could let me know if I could obtain a copy of your painting of the profile of Heemskerck that you did in 2014? it would be perfect to frame and display in the vesse

    Thank you

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