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Because this game is made with Flash, it may not work on tablets, Ipads or Macintosh PCs. It should work in Windows.

Imagine you are Abel Tasman,  responsible for the safety of two ships, Heemskerck and Zeehaen and all their crew, one hundred and ten men. It is December the 14th, 1642. About noon yesterday you sighted a large elevated land to the east. You ventured closer and today are sailing north northeast along a rugged coast. What you need next is a convenient bay in which to anchor and perhaps water your ships.

Steer your expedition by clicking on red N, E, W and S buttons around the compass rose at the top left of the game-screen. Each time you click on it the button will light up. You can’t turn instantly, and you may need to click repeatedly to alter course. Coasts close enough to see are visible in the circular window showing your position, and are marked on your map, as is a dotted line to show your course.

When you find the ‘convenient bay’ that Tasman found you will be offered choices. Click on any text for audio.



try following Tasman’s course to Zeehaens Bight, Abel Tasman’s Roadstead, and eventually Three Kings.  Game pages after Murderers Bay are password protected; you have to finish the preceding stage before you can play each of them.

Discovery Game may be easier to play with your browswer in fullscreen mode, often toggled with F11

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  1. Christiana DeLuca says:

    I see you know a lot about Abel Tasman and his significance in the history of New Zealand! My classmate and I are involved in the National History Day competition at our high school. If you wouldn’t mind, we would like to interview you whether it be over telephone or through e-mail, to broaden our knowledge about Mr. Tasman and his explorations.
    Thank you!
    Christiana DeLuca

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